We All Need Clean Air Quality in The Office

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In order to keep employees in good health and working to their best potential, a modern fully functioning air conditioning unit is an essential component of everyday office equipment. A busy workplace should necessarily provide adequate ventilation and a good standard of air conditioning as a vital obligation. After all, a fresh and untainted internal air-supply can keep an office working to its maximum potential. The possible reverse of this is an overheated and oppressive environment that is certainly not conducive to hard work.

To keep an air conditioning unit – and as a bi-product the office itself – in the best of working order, a company should aim to have it checked and maintained at regular intervals. Much of the simple care procedures can be carried out by office staff, but in the case of serious problems it is always advisable to contact the professionals. The cleaning manager from Green Facilities Ltd stated,  ”If, for example, the unit is failing to give out cool and clean air it may be that there is trouble with liquid leaks or the filter, in which case a thorough cleaning job will need to be administered.” With regular and timely checks these emergency visits can be kept to a strict minimum.

As well as towards their staff and employees, a 21st century business or organisation also has a direct responsibility towards the world outside their office. An environmental awareness and dedication to have an effect upon it, is something of a modern business requirement. A lack of it can quickly sully an organisation’s image and reputation and lead to a general distrust in its working practises.


For these very reasons, it makes absolute sense for a company to closely examine their impact on the environment through their various air conditioning units. Air conditioning requires a powerful amount of energy in order to filter and cool the internal air. Unfortunately, this has a direct consequence for global levels of greenhouse gases and projected damage to the environment. Every responsible workplace should therefore be aiming for a manageable balance between employee comfort and potential harm to the greater environment.

This can be minimised not only through the close maintenance of keeping the appliances in smooth working order, but also through some practical common sense tips. For example, a company can lessen its effect on the environment by making use of the latest units to be tested for efficiency and effectiveness. These models have been tested to a world-wide rating system and can have a recognisable impact on internal air cooling and external environmental concerns. As they are more efficient than older units, they will also create reduced energy bills – a fact guaranteed to please company accountants everywhere!

Further tips for how a workplace can help to conserve the effectiveness of a unit rely on straightforward room arrangement and unit deployment. Most importantly, a company should think carefully about the unit size needed to best cool the office. This will of course depend on the office size and number of employees and furniture. The number of windows, fans, radiators and computers will also have a quantifiable effect on the optimum coolness that an office space can comfortably function under. If at all possible, an air conditioning unit should also be shaded in some way, thereby keeping the internal components as cool as possible.

By following these guidelines and allowing a greater awareness of internal and external factors into the workplace, an office space can quickly become a hard-working, cool and, most importantly, a healthy place to work.


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Clean Air with Balanced Flue Fireplaces

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Keeping the air clean and safe whilst providing warmth

Fireplaces have been a part of the home since man brought fire in to cook food. Over the centuries, fireplaces have evolved from holes in the center of the floor into wall fixtures that add style to entire rooms, and warmth to entire families.

One of the most recent innovations in the fireplace evolution is the balanced flue fireplace, a fireplace that doesn’t require the use of a chimney to exhaust the smoke created by fires – wood and gas.

What is a balanced flue fireplace?

A balanced flue fireplace is a (closed combustion) heat-circulating fireplace. Instead of using the air in the room to aide in combustion, it receives outside combustion air through the chimney system. This unique system results in much higher efficiency which is becoming increasingly important to home owners. While they are high efficiency, they should not be used as the main source of heat in the home.

Who should install balanced flue fireplaces?

Balanced flue fireplaces should always be installed by an authorized installer, someone who knows what they are doing and can install the fireplace and its systems while maintaining safety in the home.

Are they safe?

Balanced flue fireplaces are extremely safe when operated properly, and when precautions are taken insure operating safety.

What precautions should be taken with balanced flue fireplaces?

First and foremost, the fireplace must be vented to the outside of the home. Also, take the following precautions:

• Do not block or modify air inlets/outlets in any way.
• Do not install combustible materials anywhere surrounding the fireplace.
• Burn only solid wood fuel or gas logs.
• Do not install a solid fuel burning insert or other products not specified for use with your specific model of fireplace.
• Do not locate fireplace in an area where drafts occur.
• When installing a gas burning fireplace, install the gas line before installing the fireplace.

If the proper precautions are taken, you can enjoy the warmth and the beauty of your balanced flue fireplace in safety.

Clean air, safer streets and quality of life – now and in the future.

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About CAN

CAN is a coalition of organisations in Greater Manchester who believe that the area needs radically better transport, including quality public transport and safe pedestrian and cycle routes.

cleanairnow.co.uk would also like to draw your attention to the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF), a plan to invest around 3bn in improving the area’s transport and to introduce a peak-time congestion charge.

We aim was highlight the wide-ranging benefits of TIF and to make sure that environmental and social issues are at the core.